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Moog One

Moog One

What a synth!
36 years after the introduction of Moog's last polyphonic synth, the Memorymoog, a new and long awaited polyphonic Moog synth was introduced 2018. And what a beauty in sight (design Axel Hartmann) and sound (analog audio path except for internal Audio FXs). Once you skip the factory patches (they are using often way to much FXs), you can hear the fine analog sound we were waiting for so long. The sound is huge, even without layering or unison. And the sound is not based on much overdrive. A good point, as polyphonic sound with overdrive is most of the times unusable. But in monomode, you might miss the overdrive now and then.

Go to my Moog One patch database for free download of sounds. Request a password to share your patches there too.

The Fatar keybed TP/8S (as used in the Nonlinear Labs C15 too) with its 9 mm longer keys (compared to a Fatar TP/8SK as used on the Waldorf Quantum) and its straight black keys is my absolute favourite Fatar keybed. The Waldorf WAVE used to have the same keybed in a bit older version. The knobs and buttons work and feel good as expected for such a top rank synth. Most of the handling is rather straight forward. But sometimes the mass of parameters and the missing index in the manual makes you search for longer than expected to find some functions again. Like the automatic random panning amount (it is hidden in the Master Effect section).

But I really dislike the fact, that you have to use a external PSU :-(