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Waldorf MicroWave

Über / about

Der MicroWave war der erste Waldorf Synthesizer (1989). Er hat innen (wie 4 Jahre später auch der Waldorf WAVE) den von Wolfgang Palm (Mister PPG) entwickelten ASIC, der die meisten digitalen Funktionen der Soundgenerierung der PPG wave Serie auf einen Chip integrierte.

The MicroWave was the first Waldorf synth (1989). It got a ASIC designed by Wolfgang Palm (Mr. PPG). These feature most of the digital sound functions of the PPG waves. They were later used inside the Waldorf WAVE too.

Innenleben / inside

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see also here

The RAM card (the same type as used for the Korg M1) use a CR2016 battery

Filter calibration

Any MW1 users who have a working unit: DON'T DO THE FOLLOWING!!

To tune the filters, you have to go into the Service Mode.

Again: all others shouldn't do that, **only** if they experience *major* tuning problems.

Wolfram Franke (Waldorf) on the Waldorf mailing list