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MeeBlip (for sale)


This is an open source hardware and software synth. Its also called "The Hackable Digital Synth" on the front panel. In its plastic housing of 17 x 12.5 x 6.5 cm (incl. knobs) you will find a little synth with all major synth parameters available. But no patch storage in the original version. Version 2 introduced patch memory and changed the layout.

On the back there are connectors for: This synth was sold as a DIY kit with fully assembled boards and all needed parts by a little Canadian company called Reflex Audio from Calgary. I bought mine for 172.94 US$ including shipping to Germany.

MeeBlip kit

No soldering was involved assembling the kit. And it was easy to do. No rocket science needed.

MeeBlip pcb board

The synth is based on the 8-bit microcontroller ATmega32 chip. So this is not a superb high end quality synth for a super price.

As this is an open source synth, you find its schematics and more details

But this synth is except for the 4 dual purpose knobs fully WYSIWYG synth without menues. And you will not miss a manual once you assembled it.
The sound character is a nice grouchy one. It reminded me (my personal option!) of a Access Virus A with squared aliasing.