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VacoLoco Tron

VacoLoco Tron

This is an 8-track 16-step drum pattern sequencer by Paula Maddox, the creator of the MonoWave and co-founder of Modal Electronics. It uses 4 LED 8-segment displays and endless encoders for editing. All housed in a clear housing sized 120 x 90 x 24 mm. It got connectors for power, MIDI In and MIDI Out.
I am using this sometimes to play my Waldorf rackAttack.

Demo video by Paula Maddox

  1. Part I (
  2. Part II (


Edit Mode

When you press the control button first:

Control mode 1

(Press and hold MODE and button 9), the upper buttons act as follows (* items are saved with the pattern):

Control mode 2

(Press and hold MODE and button 10), the lower buttons act as follows:

Control mode 3

(Press and hold MODE and button 11), the lower buttons act as follows:

The Load/Save buttons allow the top of row buttons to select bank, the lower row to select pattern within a bank. Only patterns within the same bank can be chained.