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Oakley Sound System SRE330 Stereo Ensemble

Oakley Sound System SRE330 Stereo Ensemble front in red

This is a stereo ensemble a quad, dual or stereo chorus with real BBDs and a very hifi sound compared to most other BBD choruses and ensembles. In ensemble mode, the tweo LFOs are at a fixed rate of 0.6 and 6.0 Hz as used in vintage ensemble units built into string keyboards like Solina and ELKA. The LFOs are used in three different phases to modulate three BBD lines. The Chorus Depth adjusts the 0.6 Hz modulation amount and the Vibrato Depth the 6.0 Hz amount. You set the Balance to 100% wet for the classic sound.

In the Chorus modes, you can adjust the modulation speed and depth of the two LFOs. And you set the dry-wet pot to 50% or as you like.

You can use it in real stereo mode or mix the two inputs to mono.

On the back there are two input and two output socket in 1/4" size. And of cause the connection to the external PSU.

This unit was built by