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Waldorf STVC

Waldorf STVC

The Waldorf STVC is more than just the keyboard version of the Waldorf Streichfett. Besides the added Vocoder, the solo section got more voices (now 16) and two additional sounds ("Mono" and "Full"). The effect section got two knobs per FX and not just one. So you can for example change the reverb mix and the reverb time individual. There are 3 banks of 42 memory slots to name and save your settings. There is a 5 slot tweak menu to change or modulate many available parameters seen on the front panel and also some not user changeable at all (like for example ensemble FX LFO rates and depths).

There are these modulation sources for the 5 modulation slots available:

But keytracking is not available as modulation source. I would love to use just a bit of keytracking on the Register parameters of the String section sometimes to adjust the sound character over the keyboard range.

These modulation destinations are available:

As you can use the modulation source SET to change a parameter, you can actually tweak the sound in way more parameters as on the Streichfett. But as there are only 5 slots available, you have to limit your modulation and tweaking ideas sometimes. But hey, 5 slots like this are way better than no such function at all.

In the System Settings are the basic as Global Tune, MIDI channel settings, Local Off mode and more. Additionally there is a setting to adjust the microphone gain and a low-cut filter for the microphone signal with the values off, 10 Hz, 100 Hz and 200 Hz. The later two values are very helpful on stage to keep the monitor signal a bit off the vocoder mic.

The full metal housing is the same as used for the Blofeld keyboard version and feels very long lasting. The Fatar keybed as used on the Blofeld keyboard feels good. But waterfall shaped keyends would have been more string machine like, just for the look.