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Wersi String Orchestra this is ex-gear / sold

Wersi String Orchestra

This german string machine is a slightly different version of the Logan String Melody II. The difference is the instruments depth and the unpainted metal panel. The wooden sides are also shaped different.

The features are the same as on the original Logan String Melody II version. Except for the added sliders "Orch I" and "Orch II". They fade in a bright and mellower special waveshape mix. These controlls are also per side, because like the Loggans, this instruemts is always in a fix-point split mode.

The special added slider "Slalom" and the touch plate button named "Hawaii" in the left hand section are adding a pitchbend effect. I never use these at all. Strange added feature on a string machine. But it was most like not that expensive to add (compared to the original Logan String Melody II).

Sound wise it is identically to to the Logan String Melody II. Only the four added Orchestra sliders add something useful and special. But don't think of these orchestra sliders add the sound of some real sounding orchestra at all. Just like the nice sounding srings do not sound like real strings at all.

See here for the Logan String Melody of my collection.