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Sequential Circuits SCI Pro-One Logo

SCI Pro-One overview
(The red power LED on the upper right above the Master Tune knob is a modification)

Finally I own this well known monophonic 1980 synth. Although a stick tell it is out off warranty since the 4th of October 1981 it playing fine thanks the faithful repairs and calibrations done by H.S.

Inside you find some well known analog Curtis chips:

The analog voice is more or less like a single voice of a SCI Prophet 5 rev. 3.

And the following digital chips are used:

SCI Pro-One back

The Pro-One features these connections on the back:

The powercord is not detachable :-(
This is the same bad decision as on the miniMoog. Putting a synth with the non-detachable power cord into a flightcase is not really cool. You have to take care, that the jack is not scrachting over the synth while flight case is moved a bit unfriendly.

I installed the Pro-One Keyboard Replacement Kit to get a silent and more reliable keyboard action. Easy to do kit that just needs screwdrivers to install.