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Jen SX1000 this is ex-gear / sold

Jen SX1000 overview

The italian company Jen Electronica of Pescara released a very basic and low-cost monophonic synth in 1978.

The concept is very basic, but not found in this useful combination that often:

Jen SX1000 back

The interfacing is very easy:

Jen SX1000 inside

It takes 6 screws to open the Jen. And it is build very easy and efficiently. But you need to undo the keyboard action to reach the M110 chip that does the oscillator frequency.

Jen SX1000 boards inside

The top left board is the noice PCB
The biggest board seen here is the oscillator board
The main chip (M110) is hidden under the keyboard action.

Jen SX1000 boards inside

The upper board is the LFO and filter board
Below is the envelope and VCA board

Sound examples:

Have a listen to mono 256 kb/sec mp3 files:

 bass 557 kB

 lead 1.9 MB

No FX or EQ used. recorded straight into my iMac.