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Waldorf Quantum

Waldorf Quantum

The Waldorf Quantum is 4½ synths in one. Maybe even more. First you got 4½ different types of oscillator modes to choose from:

  • Wavetable engine a la Waldorf Nave (that is classic Waldorf wavetables plus spectral modulation and more)
  • VA oscillators waveshapes (including layering and detuning of shapes per oscillator)
  • Sampling with added Granualar Synthesis function (or is it the other way?)
    Including multisample, velocity switching, stereo and looping functions
  • Resonator

And you can select these modes individually on each of the three oscillators per voice.

It is a hybrid synth, as it features two analog lowpass filters per voice and digitale filters (trademark Waldorf ones including the digital PPG filter clone in 2 and 4-pole version) as well. The oscillators allow to route them via a crossfading parameter to the digital and7or analog one individual. And you can set the analog and digital filters in parallel or serial routing per sound.
The analogue filters got a s pleasing sound of their own. They are not distorting as the Pulse filters or good old CEMs. And they are not special "creamy" like a SSM 2044 filter with resonance. They are somewhere in between them, wich is very usable on a polyphonic instrument, where a too bold sound would be just too much.

  • 6 well equipped LFOs (3 of them on available on the front panel) and
  • 6 ADSR envelopes with variable slopes and loop function (again 3 of them directly accessible via panel knobs)
  • Komplexer (multistage LFO/envelope modulator)
  • a full modulation matrix
  • 5 digital effects per sound with user selectable FX type and order
  • a good Fatar TP8S keyboard with channel aftertouch
  • arpeggiator and step sequencer
  • about 4 GB internal memory for samples
  • SD-Card slot for data import/export
  • colour LCD touchscreen with encoders for editing menue values

This is not a Q+ on Steroid, it is more like this centuries WAVE.