Polyphonic Synthesizer:

Modal 002
Modal Argon8
Moog One 16
Nonlinear Labs C15
Waldorf Blofeld
Waldorf Quantum
Waldorf XTk30
Wersi Stage Performer

Monophonic Synthesizer:

Behringer Odyssey
Casio VL-1 Tone
Dübreq Stylophone
Korg M500 MicroPreset (for sale)
MeeBlip (for sale)
Modal 001 (for sale)
Modal CRAFTsynth
Modal CRAFTsynth 2.0
Modal Skulpt
Modulus monoWave
Moog miniMoog (1979 & 2017)
Moog Minitaur
Moog Prodigy
Moog Sub Phatty
Moog Taurus III
Moog Voyager
Sequential Circuits Pro-One
VacoLoco Zira
Waldorf Pulse (for sale)
Waldorf Pulse 2


Synth-Werk Modular
Synthesizers.com Modular


Korg MS-20 mini (for sale)
TTSH (ARP 2600 clone)

String Machines:

ELKA Rhapsody 610
Eminent 310 theatre (for free!)
Hohner String Vox
Logan String Melody
Waldorf Streichfett
Waldorf STVC

Other Keyboards:

Manikin Memotron
Mellotron Micro


ARP Sequencer (clone)
Baloran TriKo
Behringer Mixer MX2642A
Behringer Mixer MX8000
Behringer Rack Mixer RX1602 (2x)
Boss DR-220E
Digital Raagini
EEH DS 500
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone
Georg Mahr Midi-Ratsche
Georg Mahr Transpo-An-Se
Ibanez Digital Delay DM1000
IBK 10 Control
Korg K25
Kurzweil XM-1 Expression-Mate
Lexicon Model 200 reverb
Modal Craft Rhythm
Mode Machines Krautrock Phaser
Moogerfooger Ring Modulator 102
Moogerfooger 12-Stage Phaser 103
Moogerfooger Analog Delay 104Z
Moogerfooger Murf 105
Moog MP201
OTO Machines BAM
Roland TR-08
Schrittmacher's Inside
Schulte Compact Phaser (19")
Simmons SDS-V
Strymon Timeline
Synthoma Élkorus
VacoLoco Tron
Waldorf 4Pole
Waldorf EQ27
Wersi Voice (BBD FX)
Waldorf midiBay
Waldorf Becher/Mugs


Access MicroWave controller
Alesis Andromeda A6
ARP (Korg mini) Odyssey
ARP Quartet
Crumar Multiman S
Crumar Performer
EES Midi CV7
ELKA Solist 505
ELKA x705
Emu Emax II
Farfisa Soundmaker
Farfisa Syntorchestra
Grp A4
Hohner ADAM
Hohner String Performer
Jen SX1000
Kawai SX-210
Keio Mini Pops 3
Korg PE1000 (Poly Ensemble)
Korg PE2000 (Poly Ensemble S)
Modal 008
Moog Satellite
Oberheim Matrix 6
PPG waves
PPG wave 2.3 (V8.3)
Rhythm Ace 2l
Roland TR 606
Roland M-VS1
SCI model 700
Seiko DS 202+310
Sound-Art Chameleon
Technosaurus Cyclodon
Vermona Piano-Strings
Waldorf microQ keyboard
Waldorf Q
Waldorf XT30
Waldorf Gekko Chords
Waldorf Gekko Arp
Waldorf microWave
Waldorf rackAttack
Waldorf Wave
Waldorf waveSlave
Wersi Baß Synth
Wersi String Orchestra


K. Schulze's "Sense"

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Hz-2-cent Calculator

M@ail & Impressum

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VacoLoco Tron

VacoLoco Tron

This is an 8-track 16-step drum pattern sequencer by Paul Maddox, the creator of the MonoWave and co-founder of Modal Electronics. It uses 4 LED 8-segment displays and endless encoders for editing. All housed in a clear housing sized 120 x 90 x 24 mm. It got connectors for power, MIDI In and MIDI Out.
I am using this sometimes to play my Waldorf rackAttack.

Demo video by Paul Maddox

  1. Part I (www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjaYUR_EQuQ)
  2. Part II (www.youtube.com/watch?v=85VHDth-Hao)


  • 64 sequences (8 sequences in 8 banks)
  • 8 parts with 16 Steps per pattern
  • Two velocities (off, mid, full) for each step (as per TR-909 editing)
  • Definable Step Length for the pattern
  • Assignable Midi note number for each part
  • Assignable mid velocity level
  • Variable pattern length (1 to 16 steps)
  • MIDI Clock out (with start/stop)
  • MIDI Sync In
  • MIDI sysex update of code
  • Blue LOAD button
  • Red SAVE button
  • Tempo knob
  • Black Control button (right of the knob)
  • Gray Start/Stop button (top right button)

Edit Mode

When you press the control button first:

  • Pressing button 1 will select part 1 of the pattern to edit
  • Pressing button 2 will select part 2 to edit,
  • and so on
  • Pressing button 9 selects the first control mode (below)
  • Pressing button 10 selects the second control mode (below)

Control mode 1

(Press and hold MODE and button 9), the upper buttons act as follows (* items are saved with the pattern):
  • Button 1 - Pot becomes tempo,
  • Button 2 - Pot selects Pattern Length *,
  • Button 3 - Pattern Repeats (used in chain mode) *,
  • Button 4 - Mid level Velocity value,
  • Button 5 - Step Length *,
  • Button 6 - Pot selects MIDI channel,
  • Button 7 - Pot selects MIDI Sync On/Off,

Control mode 2

(Press and hold MODE and button 10), the lower buttons act as follows:
  • Button 1 - Part 1 MIDI note,
  • Button 2 - Part 2 MIDI note,
  • Button 3 - Part 3 MIDI note,
  • Button 4 - Part 4 MIDI note,
  • Button 5 - Part 5 MIDI note,
  • Button 6 - Part 6 MIDI note,
  • Button 7 - Part 7 MIDI note,
  • Button 8 - Part 8 MIDI note,

Control mode 3

(Press and hold MODE and button 11), the lower buttons act as follows:
  • Button 1 - Part 1 Mute,
  • Button 2 - Part 2 Mute,
  • Button 3 - Part 3 Mute,
  • Button 4 - Part 4 Mute,
  • Button 5 - Part 5 Mute,
  • Button 6 - Part 6 Mute,
  • Button 7 - Part 7 Mute,
  • Button 8 - Part 8 Mute.

The Load/Save buttons allow the top of row buttons to select bank, the lower row to select pattern within a bank. Only patterns within the same bank can be chained.