Seiko DS 202 & DS 310 this is ex-gear / sold

Das einzige mir bekannte Homekeyboard mit programmierbarer additiven Synthese.
Dieses Gerät ist total unterbewertet worden.
Man konnte so tolle NED Synclavier Töne damit erzeugen...

The only homekeyboard with additiv synthesis I know.
This maschine was total under rated. You could produce so good NED Synclavier sounds with it.

Klangbeispiel/Soundclip (13.3 Mb .wav file of Seiko + a bit delay)
This is one single sound. Only the attack and release spectrum are defined. The main envelope mode is a decaying one. So there are three specrums called in a sequence with an overall decaying shape. First you hear a bell like attack that fades into a second, silent spectrum. Then the cross fade from the silent spectrum into the thrid spectrum gives another attack like sound. This is not a coloration by the delay!)

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