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Little Software Helpers

Hz-2-cent Calculator

Hz-2-cent Calculator screenshot

A little 64-bit MacOS™ helper to calculate the musical cent difference from two given frequencies in Hertz, or to get the frequency of a musical cents change from a starting frequency.

Download] (5.2 MB)


MIDI-Sender screenshot

A little 64-bit MacOS™ helper to send short typed in SysEx strings or controller values.

Download] (5.4 MB)


Raktenbasis.png screenshot

A little 64-bit Universal MacOS™ helper for the Waldorf Rocket. Connect the Rocket to your Mac via USB or MIDI interface. After selecting the right port where the Rocket is connected, it allows you to set the MIDI channel of the Rocket as well as the hidden second LFO speed. To test these, you have a little 2 octave spanning virtual keybed with octave transpose buttons. A slider sends modwheel data to test the second LFO from the app. You may stop all notes (CC #120 sounds off and CC #123 notes off) with two buttons. Or reset all controllers and the pitchbend with a click.

Download] (8.0 MB)


Streichfett-Requestr screenshot

A little 64-bit MacOS™ helper for the Waldorf Streichfett. Connect the Streichfett to your Mac via USB. And it will request the connected Streichfett to sent out the current sound as SysEx data. You can record this data via your DAW or a SysEx tool. Added as a little extra: clicking right of the volume knob (and left of the label "Streichfett") requests the Streichfett's version number and SysEx ID. See the Streichfett SysEx information for details.

Download] (6.4 MB)